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Upcoming JBCA and Schuster Colloquia

JBCA Colloquia begin at 3.00pm every Wednesday in the Sir Bernard Lovell Seminar Room (3.225) in the Alan Turing Building, unless otherwise stated. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served from 2.45pm. The post-colloquium social starts at 4.30pm in the tea room.

Schuster Colloquia normally start at 2.30pm and take place in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre in the Schuster Building.

Extra seminars, which can be organised by anyone in the group separately from the colloquium series, are also included on this page for convenience.

To view a talk abstract, click on the talk title. Click again on the talk title to hide the abstract.

Want to suggest a speaker? Get in touch with the JBCA Colloquium organisers: Rob Beswick, Michael Brown and Mike Peel.

February 26 Jean-Luc Starck
(CEA, Saclay)
Joint CMB map reconstruction from WMAP-9yr and Planck-PR1 data
March 5 Manda Banerji
The Dustiest Quasars in the Universe: Observing the transition from starburst to AGN
March 12 Ian Shipsey
March 19 Carole Mundell
The Transient Explosive Universe
April 2 Iain McDonald
Metal-poor stars: tracers of the Universe's chemical evolution
April 9 Jane Greaves
(St Andrews)
Searching for solar system twins
April 23 Chris Hales
The nature of faint polarized radio sources
April 30 Benjamin Joachimi
Errors of errors and systematics of systematics
May 7
Subir Sarkar
May 7
Daniel Mortlock
Bayesian model comparison in astronomy and cosmology
May 14 Annette Ferguson
The Peripheries of Nearby Galaxies: Dim but not Dull
May 15
Tim de Zeeuw
Special seminar - ESO: Present and Future
May 21 Keith Grainge
AMI follow up of the Planck cluster catalog
May 28 Katherine Joy
Unravelling the impact history of the Moon
June 4 David Kipping
(CfA, Harvard)
Asterodensity Profiling: A New Tool for Studying Exoplanets
June 11 Shaun Hotchkiss
Towards a void function: constraining cosmological models with voids