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Transformer Pulsar Transformer Pulsar swaps radio waves for gamma rays
22 July 2014: An exceptional binary system containing a rapidly spinning neutron star has undergone a dramatic change in behaviour never before observed, swapping from a radio pulsar to a bright gamma-ray source.
Tim O'Brien and Teresa Anderson Jodrell Bank duo honoured for innovative science communication
1 July 2014: Two Directors at the University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory have been awarded the Kelvin Medal of the Institute of Physics for outstanding contribution to the public understanding of physics.
Three black holes. Trio of supermassive black holes shake space-time
25 June 2014: Astronomers have discovered three closely orbiting supermassive black holes in a galaxy more than 4 billion light years away. This exotic system could help astronomers in their search for gravitational waves: the ripples in 'space-time' predicted by Einstein.
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