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Prof. Richard Battye : Research

I am primarily interested in cosmology and its links with fundamental physics and astrophysics. I was originally trained as a theorist but I am also very interested in the confrontation between theory and observations. This has led me into some areas of data analysis. In addition, I have a significant interest in soliton and defect solutions in classical field theories.

The main topics I am working on at the moment are:

1. Topological defects and their observational consequences
2. Cosmic microwave background anisotropies and polarization (theory and observation)
3. Theoretical models of dark matter, dark energy and non-standard particle interactions
4. Observational cosmology with a particular interest in the radio waveband (eg. measuring P(k) using HI and weak lensing using continuum radio surveys)
5. Numerical simulations of large-scale structure and galaxy formation to explain observations in the radio waveband (eg. SZ effect and HI)
6. Numerical classical field theory (eg. Skyrmions, Vortons, etc)

My publication list on INSPIRE is given here and that on NASA/ADS is here.

My research record on INSPIRE is given here.