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Prof. Richard Battye : Projects

As well as being a theorist, I am in involved in a number of observational projects. NB this site is presently under construction.

Planck: This is an ESA satellite which was launched in May 2009. It will provide high sensitivity maps of the sky in 9 bands between 30 and 867GHz. I am a working on (i) cosntraining cosmological parameters using the SZ cluster catalogue and (ii) searching for topological defects.

SuperCLASS: This is an e-MERLIN legacy program designed to measure the effects of weak lensing over 1.75 square degrees in the radio waveband at 1.4GHz. We will perform a survey to at r.m.s of 4 microjanskys and detect a source density of around 1 source per arcmin. I am the PI of this program and the proposal can be found here.

BINGO: This is a concept for a single dish 21cm intensity mapping instrument. The overall objective is to constrain dark energy by measuring the Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations. A short paper discussing the project is here

Euclid: This is an ESA satellite which will be launched at the end of the decade. Its primary objective is to illuminate the late-time history of the Universe and constrain physical phenomena such as dark energy and modified gravity. I am a member of cluster working group.