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Prof. Richard Battye : Research Students

Below is a list of my present research students and a brief description of their project:

Edward Reeves (part-time PhD, due to complete Dec 2012) - F(R) gravity

Marieke Habericher (PhD, due to complete Nov 2012) - Spinning Skyrmions

Philippa Hartley (part-time MSc, due to complete Mar 2013) - Modelling polarized radio source population for weak lensing studies

Kate Voller (PhD, due to complete Sep 2014) - HI intensity mapping

Sam Cusworth (PhD, due you complete Sep 2015) - Evolution of large-scale structure in modified gravity models

I generally don't list details of future projects since they can go out of date very quickly, but I am usually keen to take very able PhD students to work on any area of cosmology compatible with my research interests. Please contact me by email if you are intersted and apply through the JBCA website.

Here, is a list of my previous PhD students.