Good News for e-MERLIN!

e-MERLIN (the UK Radio Astronomy National Facility) has recently received a major boost to its support with the news that the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) will continue to fund operations of the telescope through to 2022. 

The e-MERLIN array
The e-MERLIN array

The operational budget will see a significant funding uplift (£2.0M => £2.5M p.a.), including the provision for more joint observing time with the iconic 76-metre Lovell Telescope. STFC will also fund a modest (£1.1M) development programme that aims to upgrade the e-MERLIN data analysis software system, which is expected to be a useful development package towards the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope project. 

e-MERLIN is an array of seven radio telescopes, spanning 217km, connected by an optical fibre network to Jodrell Bank Observatory. The e-MERLIN National Facility is operated by the University of Manchester at Jodrell Bank Observatory on behalf of STFC. The decision by STFC is great news for Jodrell Bank, and the international science community that it serves.


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