UK SETI Research Network Symposium 2017

This meeting was held on Thursday 2 & Friday 3 March 2017, in the Lovell Seminar Room, Alan Turing Building, Univeristy of Manchester

Over the two days, the programme consisted of individual talks, a presentation from the Breakthrough Foundation and an open panel discussion.

Mike Garrett - All-sky Radio SETI
Duncan Forgan - Exoplanet Transits as the Foundation of an Interstellar Communication Network
Arik Kershenbaum - If animals – or aliens – could talk, would we notice?
Lewis Pinault - New Tools in the Search for Extra-terrestrial Artefacts in the Solar System
Jamie Drew - The Breakthrough Initiatives: The Shape of Space to Come
Danny Price - Breakthrough Listen
Alan Penny - METI 
Matthew Colborn - SETI and Conciousness
Claudio Maccone - Computers for SETI, Kurzweil’s SINGULARITY and Evo-SETI
Stephen Baxter - Our Favourite Martians
William Edmondson - Reconsideration of the merits of targeted SETI
Eamonn Ansbro - The Possibility of Deteching a Signal from ET Civilizations(s)
Griffin Foster - SETI with MeerKAT
Anders Sandberg - Dissolving the Fermi Paradox
Ian Crawford - After the singularity
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