Postgraduate Students


Name Research Group Email
Aaron Peters Cosmology aaron.peters@postgrad
Abeer Almutairi Sun, Stars & Galaxies abeer.almutairi@postgrad
Adam Barr Sun, Stars & Galaxies adam.barr@postgrad
Andrés Ariza Sun, Stars & Galaxies andres.aguilarariza@postgrad
Andrés Felipe Izquierdo Cartagena Sun, Stars & Galaxies andres.izquierdocartagena@postgrad
Andrew May Cosmology andrew.may-3@postgrad
Ann Njeri Ng'Endo Sun, Stars & Galaxies ann.ngendo@postgrad
Baiketli Dijo  Cosmology baiketli.dijo@postgrad
Bernard Cooper Cosmology bernard.cooper@postgrad
Bethany Jones Sun, Stars & Galaxies bethany.jones@
Bin Yu Sun, Stars & Galaxies bin.yu-2@postgrad
Charlotte Waterfall Sun, Stars & Galaxies charlotte.waterfall@postgrad
Chia Min Tan Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics chiamin.tan@postgrad
Chris Smith Sun, Stars & Galaxies christopher.smith-28@postgrad
Crispin Agar Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics crispin.agar@
Cristina Ilie Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics cristina.ilie@postgrad
Damien Trinh Cosmology damien.trinh@postgrad
Danielius Banys Sun, Stars & Galaxies danielius.banys@
David Specht Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics david.specht@
David Whitworth Sun, Stars & Galaxies david.whitworth@
Deepika Venkattu  Cosmology deepika.venkattu@
Dominic Viatic Cosmology dominic.viatic@postgrad
Duncan Zarafa Sun, Stars & Galaxies duncan.zerafa@postgrad
Elizabeth Lee Cosmology elizabeth.lee-2@postgrad
Elliott Polzin Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics elliott.polzin@postgrad
Emma Alexander Sun, Stars & Galaxies emma.alexander@
En Chen Sun, Stars & Galaxies en.chen-2@postgrad
Eunseong Lee Cosmology eunseong.lee@
Fernando Dantas Dos Santos Sun, Stars & Galaxies fernando.dantas@postgrad
Fiona Porter Sun, Stars & Galaxies fiona.porter-2@postgrad
Francesca Pearce Cosmology francesca.pearce@postgrad
Helen Barker Sun, Stars & Galaxies helen.barker@postgrad
Hongming Tang Sun, Stars & Galaxies hongming.tang@
Hongying Chen Sun, Stars & Galaxies hongying.chen@postgrad
Isaac Mutie Sun, Stars & Galaxies isaac.mutie@postgrad
Jack Radcliffe Sun, Stars & Galaxies jack.radcliffe@postgrad
Jake Morgan Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics jake.morgan@postgrad
Jakob Wenninger Cosmology jakob.wenninger@postgrad
James Fawcett Sun, Stars & Galaxies james.fawcett@
James McKee Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics james.mckee@postgrad
James Stringer Sun, Stars & Galaxies james.stringer@
Joel Williams Cosmology christopher.williams-4@
Joseph Hanson Sun, Stars & Galaxies joseph.hanson@postgrad
Josh Hayes Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics joshua.hayes@postgrad
Juan Pablo Cordero Cosmology juan.cordero@postgrad
Katie Hesterly Sun, Stars & Galaxies katie.hesterly@postgrad
Lara Edington Cosmology lara.edington@postgrad
Laura Driessen Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics laura.driessen@postgrad
Lin Wang Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics
Luke Hart Cosmology luke.hart@postgrad
Max Potter Sun, Stars & Galaxies max.potter@postgrad
Mazin Nasralla Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics mazin.nasralla@postgrad
Mechiel Bezuidenhout Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics mechiel.bezuidenhout@postgrad
Michael Wright Cosmology michael.wright-3@postgrad
Miora Andriantsaralaza Sun, Stars & Galaxies miora.andriantsaralaza@postgrad
Naomi Asabre Frimpong Sun, Stars & Galaxies naomi.asabrefrimpong@postgrad
Nialh McCallum Cosmology nialh.mccallum@
Philippa Hartley Cosmology philippa.hartley@postgrad
Robin Upham Cosmology robin.upham@
Roke Cepeda-Arroita Sun, Stars & Galaxies roke.cepeda-arroita@
Ruoyo Zhu Cosmology ruoyu.zhu@postgrad
Samira Alharbi Sun, Stars & Galaxies samira.alharbi@postgrad
Sandhya Vijapurkar Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics sandhya.vijapurkar@postgrad
Sankarshana Srinivasan Cosmology sankarshana.srinivasan@postgrad
Shahbaz Chaudhry Sun, Stars & Galaxies shahbaz.chaudhry@postgrad
Shruti Badole Cosmology shruti.badole@postgrad
Simon Ndiritu Sun, Stars & Galaxies simon.ndiritu@postgrad
Steven Cotterill Cosmology steven.cotterill@postgrad
Susanna Azzoni Cosmology susanna.azzoni@postgrad
Susmita Sett Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics susmita.sett@postgrad
Thomas Armitage Cosmology thomas.armitage-3@postgrad
Thomas Hillier Cosmology thomas.hiller@postgrad
Thomas Mcaloone Cosmology thomas.mcaloone@
Thomas Scragg Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics thomas.scragg@postgrad
Tianyue Chen Sun, Stars & Galaxies tianyue.chen@postgrad
Vic Haynes Cosmology Charles.Haynes@
Vincent Morello Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics vincent.morello@postgrad
Xiaojin Liu Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics xiao-jin.liu@postgrad
Xiaoxi Song Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics
Yunhuming Shi Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics yinhuming.shi@postgrad
Zafiirah Hosenie Pulsars & Time Domain Astrophysics zafiirah.hosenie@
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