Staff - Observatory operations and engineering staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Mirza Asif Telescope Array Controller 
Mr James Bartle Telescope Technician 
Dr Michael Bentley Electronic Engineer 
Mr Tony Blackburn Receiver & Fibre Optic Technician Jodrell Bank 
Mr Edward Blackhurst Receiver Technician 
Dr David Clarke Telescope Technician 
Mr Phillip Clarke Telescope Workshop Supervisor. 
Mr Ray Comber Electrical Engineer 
Mr John Edgley RF Group Supervisor 0161-3069425 Jodrell Bank 
Mr Adrian Galtress Draughtsperson 
Mr Anthony Johnson Control Systems Engineer Jodrell Bank - SERVO LAB 
Mr Oliver King Servo Lab Technician Jodrell Bank - Servo Labs / Control Room 14 
Mr John Kitching Mechanical Engineer 
Mr Joel Lapi Telescope Workshop Technician 
Mr Frank Manning Electrical Supervisor 0161-3069404 
Mr Jason Marshall Senior Cryogenic Technician 0161-3069458 Jodrell Bank 
Mr Leslie Parry Servo Technician 
Mr Mark Roberts Telescope Controller Jodrell Bank 
Mr Matthew Stubbs Electrical Technician 0161-3069404 Jodrell Bank 
Mr Alan Williams Telescope Workshop/LaboratoryTechnician 0161-3069457 Jodrell Bank - Machine Workshop 
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