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I obtained a BSc in Astronomy from the University of London (UCL) in 1991 and a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London in 1995. I was a EU Marie Curie Fellow at Strasbourg Observatory from 1996-1998 and a post-doctoral researcher at the department of theoretical physics, University of Oxford from 1998-2001. I was a senior research fellow at Liverpool John Moores University until 2004 when I became an STFC (then PPARC) Advanced Fellow. Imoved to Jodrell Bank, University of Manchester in 2007 and became a lecturer at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in 2009.

I am currently involved in VVV, the largest survey ever of infrared variable sources towards the inner Galaxy, using the VISTA telescope. I am a member of MiNDSTEp, a ground-based monitoring programme using gravitational lensing to look for cool exoplanets down to Earth masses. I also serve on exoplanet working groups for the ESA EUCLID and the NASA WFIRST space mission proposals.

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