High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing clusters
A view inside HYDRA

To carry out many of the research activities of the JBCA we have access to HPC facilities within the group, on campus, and at regional and national levels. These include facilities owned by the JBCA and those of consortia of which our staff are members.


  • HYDRUS - Pulsar Searching Cluster
  • JUMPER - Lovell Telescope Pulsar Backend Cluster
  • ADDER - LEAP Project Data Processing Cluster
  • COMA - Theory & Modelling Cluster
  • FORNAX - Cosmology Cluster
  • Individual High-End Workstations - General Use


  • CSF - University Cluster
  • Campus Grid - University Distributed Cluster
  • N8 Grid - Regional Grid Facility


  • National Grid Service
  • HPCx - National HPC Facility
  • HECToR - National HPC Facility
  • Miracle Consortium - Astrochemistry
  • Virgo Consortium - Cosmology
  • COSMOS Consortium - Cosmology


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