Interferometry Centre of Excellence

Map of antenna locations in e-MERLIN - the UK's national radio interferometer. Image credit: The University of Manchester.


Radio interferometers combine signals from multiple receivers to probe a wide variety of astrophysical environments: from the dusty disks around young stars that go on to form planets, to the rapidly rotating astrophysical lighthouses known as pulsars; from the diffuse ionised gas of our own Galaxy to the huge jets of relativistic particles ejected violently from super-massive black holes.

The JBCA Interferometry Centre of Excellence (ICE) supports research into novel and improved techniques for extracting the maximum amount of information from radio interferometric data. This includes the fields of calibration, image formation and scientific interpretation.


Like many other data-centric fields, radio interferometry is increasingly dealing with Big Data. The Interferometry Centre of Excellence is involved in the development of efficient and scaleable implementations of data analysis algorithms across multiple platforms, including accelerated processing.

Training & Workshops

The ICE runs a variety of workshops and other training courses for radio interferometry. In addition it incorporates the user support for the ALMA and e-MERLIN radio telescopes.


For more information about the ICE please contact Anna Scaife.


  • Dr Robert Beswick
  • Prof Gary Fuller
  • Prof Simon Garrington
  • Prof Anna Scaife

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