Academic staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Robert Beswick Research Fellow - e-MERLIN/VLBI National facility 0161-50483/69400/69412 Alan Turing Building - 3.209 
Prof Gary Fuller Professor of Astrophysics Alan Turing Building 
Prof Simon Garrington Associate Director JBCA (Jodrell Bank Observatory) Alan Turing Building 
Prof Anna Scaife Reader in Astrophysics; Head, Interferometry Centre of Excellence 0161-2754519 Alan Turing Building - 3.216 

Research staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Adam Avison Research Associate 0161-2754138 Alan Turing Building - 3.136C 
Dr George Bendo Research Associate 0161-2754258 Alan Turing Building - 3.136D 
Dr Thomas Muxlow e-Merlin Staff Astronomer & Manager of the ALMA UK Regional Centre Alan Turing Building 
Dr Anita M S Richards UK ALMA Region Centre Node 0161-2754243 Alan Turing Building - 3.136A 
Dr Christopher Skipper Staff 
Mr Nicholas Wrigley e-MERLIN Operations & Deep Field Research Alan Turing Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Miss Megan Argo Visitor Alan Turing Building 
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