Research groups

Our research covers a wide range of modern astrophysics. We have particular expertise in radio-mm observational astronomy but we also make observations at a wide range of other wavelengths and combine these with theory and modelling.


Cosmology is the study of the Universe as a whole rather than individual objects. It involves the study of the origins and ultimate fate of the Universe constrained using observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background and Large-Scale Structure.

Pulsars and Time Domain Astrophysics Research group at the University of manchester

Pulsars and Time Domain Astrophysics

Pulsars and Time Domain Astrophysics is research group involved in a wide range of projects associated with the study of time variable sources such as pulsars, planets, novae and fast transients.

Sun, Stars and Galaxies research group at the University of Manchester

Sun, Stars and Galaxies

The SSG group focuses on understanding a wide range of astrophysical phenomena using the latest observational techniques, modelling, and theoretical tools. We cover a wide range of science areas including solar physics, stellar evolution, star and planet formation, and extragalactic astronomy.

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