Pulsars and Time Domain Astrophysics

The Pulsars and Time-Domain Astrophysics group is involved in a wide range of projects associated with the study of time variable sources such as pulsars, extrasolar planets, novae and fast transients.

Research themes

The Pulsars and Time Domain Astrophysics group research comprises nine main themes:

Student projects

If you're considering applying to do your PhD with us, you can see our list of potential student projects.

The system, known as AY Sextantis, is located about 4,400 light-years away in the constellation Sextans. It pairs a 1.7-millisecond pulsar named PSR J1023+0038 -- J1023 for short -- with a star containing about one-fifth the mass of the sun.

A Population of Fast Radio Bursts at Cosmological Distances.

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