Sun, Stars and Galaxies

The SSG group focuses on understanding a wide range of astrophysical phenomena using the latest observational techniques, modelling, and theoretical tools.

RS Ophiuchi
Artist's impression of the binary star system RS Ophiuchi. Credit: David A. Hardy & PPARC.

Our research

We cover a wide range of science areas including solar physics, stellar evolution, star and planet formation, and extragalactic astronomy.

We specialise in:

  • solar plasmas;
  • astrophysical magnetism;
  • star formation;
  • masers and radiative transfer;
  • stellar evolution;
  • galactic foregrounds;
  • galaxies and active galactic nuclei.

We make observations across the electromagnetic spectrum from radio to X-ray wavelengths, and combine them with theoretical models and laboratory measurements.

Research themes.

The Sun, Stars and Galaxies group research comprises nine main themes:

Student projects

If you're considering applying to do your PhD with us, you can see our list of potential student projects.
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